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Innovative Monitoring Systems is a provider of the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) bracelet. We serve 72 counties in Iowa including Judicial Districts One, Three, Four, Seven, and Eight along with the Fort Dodge and Mason City offices of District Two. At Innovative Monitoring Systems, we provide an alternative to incarceration and a way to ensure problem drinkers remain sober. It saves money for taxpayers and offenders a like.

SCRAM Bracelets from Innovative Monitoring Systems can help people overcome an alcohol addiction while making our streets and communities safer.

Innovative Monitoring Systems, along with the SCRAM Bracelets, are helping people in Iowa learn to live life without alcohol...Every step of the way.

SCRAM Bracelets from Innovative Monitoring Systems are an easy and non-invasive way to make sure people who shouldn’t drink abstain.

What is SCRAMx?


SCRAMx Bench Guide

There are many benefits and advantages to SCRAM Bracelets from Innovative Monitoring Systems, which operate by taking vapor samples from the skin twice an hour. From a cost standpoint, they make more sense than other alternatives. Their effectiveness is proven, making SCRAM Bracelets from Innovative Monitoring Systems an excellent prevention method, or a complement to probation and parole. Benefits and advantages include:

  • Effectiveness: SCRAM Bracelets have been proven to be 99.3-percent effective in preventing clients from consuming alcohol during the period they’re monitored.
  • Safety: Because of their effectiveness, SCRAM Bracelets curtail impaired driving and prevent consumption around the clock. In return, it keeps our streets and communities safer.
  • Affordability: Pricing is based on a sliding scale determined by the client’s income and family size. Compared with the cost of jail, SCRAM Bracelets are far less expensive.
  • Accountability: A 99.3-percent success rate means SCRAM Bracelets effectively prevent alcohol consumption by problem drinkers. They’re also effective in monitoring underage drinkers.
  • Efficiency: As an alternative to jail or lengthy court proceedings, SCRAM Bracelets can save taxpayer dollars and reduce overcrowding in jails.
  • Precedence: SCRAM Bracelets use court-validated technology, which means they're acceptable for sentencing, a condition of bond, or as a sanction for probation and parole.

The SCRAM Bracelet program is a "client paid" system so no tax payers money is spent at the State, County or Local level.

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